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We are changing how we process payments.  We are doing this so we can reduce the costs across some of our services and so we can process office based rebates at the time of session and you get your rebate paid faster.


There are some other changes going on that you need to be aware of and these include:


  • The Medicare rebate will be increasing by 3.6% as of July 1st 2023

  • Our office based payment system will be changing and our credit card fee surcharge will be going down from 1.5% to 1.1% (credit card) and .55% (eftpos). For telehealth sessions the merchant fee is 1.75% + .30cents (we use an online payment system for telehealth ad opposed to a physcial terminal, thus the pricing is different)

  • Our new payment system for office based sessions will allow us to process your rebate almost instantly with Medicare meaning less time out of pocket


For office sessions, you will be required to PAY VIA EFTPOS at the time of your session. Your rebate will be processed automatically for you at the time of payments.

For telehealth or out of office sessions, you will be billed using a securely stored credit card as you are now.  The only change to this is we will not be using Halaxy, we will be using Stripe to do this.

Our new fee schedule can be found on our fee schedule page


Thank you.



Melissa Duckmanton

Managing Director

Senior Psychologist

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