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Community Funded Sessions

We understand that funding the financial gap between the Medicare rebate and Psychology fees can be a challenge and for some, it is impossible.  Consequently, many people miss out on much needed psychological support because they simply can't afford it.  Sadly, the low increases we have seen with the Medicare rebates over the last decade has meant bulk billing is now financially unsustainable for businesses.  So, to help bridge this gap, United Minds has introduced Community Funded Sessions (CFS)

What is the CFS initiative?

United Minds runs various fundraising activities and seeks donation from local community members and businesses. We also seek funding through grants.  All funds raised through these efforts go to our Community Service Program and fund initiatives like our CFS.  This allows us to fund most of the cost for psychological sessions on behalf of people who cannot afford it.  There is a small copayment fee of $20 

Who is eligible for this service?

This service is suitable for people who are unable to secure funding anywhere else for psychological support, who, without support, will experience a decline in mental health or escalation of care.  This initiative is to help catch those people who would be placed in financial hardship if they were to cover the full cost of their psychological care.

How many session do we get?

Approved applicants will have access to up to 6 funded psychological sessions.  This can be extended to up to 10 in one calendar year.

Can I apply for CFS for psychological assessments?

Yes.  This is limited so we encourage you to discuss this further with our intake team. 

Do I need a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)?

No.  You do not need a referral for this service.  It is also important to note that you are not allowed to use a MHCP to get any sort of rebate for these sessions.

We thank each and every one of our sponsors for helping us to help our local community.  With special mention to:


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