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Please note our slight change in fees effective January 1st 2024

There will be a small fee change across some of our services on January 1st 2024. This year, we REDUCED most of our fees to help improve access. We also introduced our community access initiative, our student clinic and intern service which offer a reduced fee or subsidised place at the service. We, unfortunately, need to apply a small increase across some of the services come January 1st 2024. There will be no change to our student, intern or assessment services. There will, however, be a $6 increase on all full fee services. We will still have a 15% discount on all services for those who are eligible. The Medicare rebate was again increased by the federal government in November 2023 so the difference between this increase and our small increase should reduce your overall out of pocket cost. With out new TYRO system the length of time you are out of pocket is also reduced with most receiving their rebate instantly.

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