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About the Psychological Services Program

Who are United Minds?

United Minds Community Services Ltd. is a local not for profit mental health charity who provide private psychological support, as well a Community Service Program (CSP) which delivers a foodbank and material and financial aid to the local community. We have physical offices located in Yarrambat, Mernda and Diamond Creek and we work across local Primary and Secondary Schools. 

What program are you delivering at Sacred Heart Primary School?

United Minds will have a team of Provisional Psychologists onsite 1.5 days per week at Sacred Heart providing a range of psychological service including:

- Individual informal psychological support

- Groups based prevention skills based programs for students

- Professional development programs for teachers and education staff

- Information sessions for parents and carers

Who can we contact for more information about United Minds?

You can contact the Managing Director Melissa Duckmanton or 8692-9949.


Information about Consent Form

What can a Psychologist help with?

A Psychologist can offer your child counselling around a range of issues.  Some of the things we can help with include: anxiety, grief and loss, family breakdown, problems with concentration, social skills, better manage emotions, behavioural issues in the class or at home and to better manage change (i.e., a new baby, separation or moving houses).

How do I get a referral for my child?

You dont need a referral to access our psychological support through the school. Our interventions will be on a prevention basis (such as information and skills based programs to prevent declines in mental health) and on a as needed basis for intervention (for example, there may be issues with anxiety or emotional regulation which we can support your child with through individual catch ups).

What information will you collect?

As part of providing a counselling based psychological service to your child, the psychologist may need to collect and record personal information about your child that is relevant to your Childs’ current situation.  This information will be a necessary part of the psychological assessment and treatment that is conducted.  You do not have to provide personal information about your child, but if you don’t, this may mean we may not be able to provide you with a psychological service.  The information is gathered as part of the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a client’s condition, and is seen only by the psychologist.  The information is retained in order to document what happens during sessions, and enables the psychologist to provide a relevant and informed psychological service.

Am I allowed to access the information you keep about my child?

At any stage you are entitled to access the information about your child kept on file, unless the relevant legislation provides otherwise.  The psychologist may discuss with you, appropriate forms of access. 

Is everything you are told kept confidential?

All personal information gathered by the psychologist during the provision of the psychological service will remain confidential and secure except where:

  1. It is subpoenaed by a court, or

  2. Failure to disclose the information would place your child or another person at serious and imminent risk; or

  3. Your prior approval has been obtained to

    1. provide a written report to another professional or agency. eg. a GP or a lawyer; or

    2. discuss the material with another person, eg. a parent or employer; or if disclosure is otherwise required or authorised by law.

How much will this service cost?

The cost of our service is free for all students where informed consent has been provided.

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