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Paulina is a warm and empathetic registered psychologist who has worked in a range of organisations, with individuals from diverse backgrounds. She aims to create a safe space where you can feel understood and empowered throughout the therapeutic process. Paulina aims to support her clients to achieve greater insight, manage distress and improve wellbeing, while maintaining a steady path towards goal achievement.


Paulina utilises evidence based frameworks with her clients to enhance strengths, develop new skills and promote an environment where meaningful change can occur. She has experience assisting clients to work through presentations of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, adjustment to change, grief and loss, life transitions, stress management, and vocational related matters.


In her spare time Paulina enjoys dining out, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Paulina Pyrchia / General Psychologist

  • Adolescents over 16 years of age ONLY

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