Christmas Appeal

We are asking members of our community and local businesses to assist us in providing some Christmas cheer and community love to those that may otherwise find the Christmas period hard.  

Through your generosity it is our vision to grant Christmas Cheer amongst our United Minds family.  We know the struggles that so many of them are going through and a little shining light can brighten the dullest tunnel.

We would be most welcome to receive donations of the following items:

* Plum puddings, fruit cake, mince pies, shortbread or gingerbread

* Chocolates, lollies, candy canes and lolly stockings

*  Bonbons serviettes

* Gravy, sauces, pickeled onions, olives

* Drinks bottled or cans, cordial and juices

* Custard, long life milk

* Cereal, microwave rice,ready to eat meats

*  Toys, colouring books, pencil and markers

* Sporting equipment, puzzles and games

If you can help spread some cheer, please call Tracey on 1300 724 824 or email

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