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Subsidised & low cost service

Our community access initiative aims to offer both alternative funding pathways to access psychological support and different levels of psychological intervention. This initiative includes our intern service, our student clinic and our community funded places.

Low cost service

Our community clinic comprises of provisional psychologists who are completing their internship or on placement from their final years of study.  Psychologists who are doing their internship are supervised in practice to gain hands on experience as a psychologist. These interns have already completed placement as students during their postgraduate studies prior to starting with us as interns.  Like our fully registered psychologists, our Interns can offer support with therapy and assessments but for a reduced fee.  Our interns also co-facilitate community initiatives and support groups at no or low cost for the community that aim to offer support to those who need it the most as well as deliver community prevention initiatives to support positive mental health of individuals and the community. Provisional Psychologists on placement are also supervised by a board approved supervisor and are in their 6th year of training.  Through our community clinic we are able to offer support for a range of issues in both therapy and assessments

Subsidised support

Community funded places are available for those people who, without it, would not be able to access any of our therapy or assessment services.  United Minds raise funds through community donations, grants and fundraising so we can offer funded therapy sessions and assessments to those who are financially disadvantaged or who, due to exceptional circumstances, may struggle to access our service without a community funded place.  There is a small co-payment of $30 per session/hour for people who use this service. 

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