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Childs Pyschologist

What is a psychological assessment?

Psychologists will gather information to develop a picture about a person's ability and/or behaviour.  The way we collect information may include interviewing, observing, formal psychological testing and from other professionals like teachers.  If we administer a formal psychological test this will involve administering the test, then scoring it and interpreting the results of the test. Once we have collected information, we are able to get a better picture of a person's abilities and/or behaviour.  At the end of the assessment process, we will give you a full report outlining what we found and our recommendations from these findings.   The information we get from a psychological assessment can help inform planning and treatment in areas such as education, work and general functioning.

How long does it take to do an assessment?

The amount of time taken to complete a full assessment varies, depending on the reason for the assessment. Usually, you will have an initial assessment where we collect information needed to help us with our assessment.  After this appointment, we may ask you to fill out an assessment form/s or we may contact another professional to speak with them to gather information or ask them to complete assessment forms. We usually then book one or more assessment sessions where we administer assessment tools.  After the assessment session/s, we will score the assessment and interpret the scores.  This is done considering all the information we have collected throughout the assessment process. We will then prepare a detailed report in preparation of your feedback session.  At this session we will discuss our findings and our recommendations and provide you with a copy of that detailed report.  

What type of assessments do United Minds offer?

We offer a comprehensive child, adolescent and adult assessment service.  This includes:

  • Cognitive/Giftedness assessments

  • Educational Assessments

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments

  • ADHD Assessments 


Fees and Rebates

For more information on our fees and rebates, please see our fees page.

Do we need a referral to have a psychological assessment?

No you do not.  However, in some instances, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for some of your assessment sessions.  Up to to 4  sessions may be rebated  for people aged under 25 years of age for the assessment of neurodevelopmental disorder (such as autism) and other approved disabilities.   To access the Medicare rebate for a neurodevelopmental disorder (autism) assessments, you will need to get the referral from either a paediatrician or psychiatrist to see us.  To access the Medicare rebate for the assessment of other eligible disabilities, you will need a referral from your GP or a specialist physician. 

What Is The Clinic

Our community clinic is a low cost clinic operated by provisional psychologists who are doing their placement during their 6th year of higher education training.  They are heavily supervised by registered board approved supervisors (supervisors will NOT be present during your session).


This service fee is heavily reduced and offered at a low rate of $85 per 50 minute session. Psychological assessments are also offered at a reduced rate. Please note: the student assessment service is only available to people who have a concession card. The counselling service is available for all community members.

How Can They Help?

Our students can offer the same services our fully registered psychologists can offer. This includes individual psychological therapy and psychological assessments.


No referral is needed for this service

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