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Therapy & Counselling

Full Fee
Concession Card Holders
Seniors - Pensioners
Community Funded Place
Senior Psychologist
Bulk Billed
Bulk Billed
Mental Health Social Worker
Bulk Billed
Intern Psychologist
Student Psychologist
$75 ($95 weekends)
Kids chat session

Medicare Rebate & Concessions

Medicare rebates -  you will need a current and valid Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) from your treating health professional.  The amount of rebate you will receive back is not determined by United Minds but will generally vary from around $80-$135.  However, you may get more back if you have reached the Medicare safety net. You will need to contact Medicare for further information and advice regarding rebates and the Medicare safety net.  There is no rebate available for sessions with interns, students or counsellors

Concession Card Holders - fees are available for people who have a current and valid concession card.  This is a 15% discount on the full fee for the service you are receiving.

Senior's - Seniors who have a current and valid concession card will be bulk billed or charged 50% of the scheduled full fee (depending on service received).

Comprehensive Assessments

Assessment fees cover the cost of the initial session, assessment session/s, feedback session and a full report with findings and recommendations.
Assessment Type
Community Funded Place
Cognitive Assessment
from $1365
from $935
from $722.50
from $255
Educational Assessment
from $2205
from $1375
from $1062.5
from $375
ADHD Assessment
from $1260
from $880
from $680
from $240
Autism Assessment
from $1890
from $1210
from $935
from $330

Medicare Rebate 

You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for up to 4 sessions with our assessment services if you are aged 25 or under and seeking an assessment for a complex neurodevelopmental disorder or other approved diseases. The rebate amount available will depend and you will need to speak with Medicare to clarify eligibility and rates. But generally, this rebate will range from around $89-$131 per session.

Groups & Programs

Fee Type
Full Fee
Community Funded Place
Group - Psychological Strategies
Bulk Billed - no fee
Community Based Programs
from $10 per session
Group - Community Initiatives
from $10 per session
Customised Group
from $37 per session

Bulk Billing and Fees

Our group - psychological strategies sessions are bulk billed for those with a valid Mental Health Care Plan.  All other programs and groups are funded through external grants and fundraising activities and will incur a small fee which will vary depending on the initiative being delivered.  

Relationship Counselling

Fee Type
Relationship Counselling (60 min)

Other Services

Service Type
Billing Arrangement
Court Attendance
Starting from $200
Billed directly to you or relevant 3rd party
Court Reports
Starting from $200
Billed directly to you or relevant 3rd party
From $156-$214
Billed to you, NDIA or Plan Manager
As per TAC fee schedule
TAC billed directly
As per Workcover fee schedule
Workcover billed directly
Victims of Crime (VOCAT)
As per VOCAT fee schedule
VOCAT billed directly
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