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Therapy & Counselling

Full Fee
Concession Card Holder - 15%
Seniors Pensioner
Senior Psychologist
Bulk Billed
Bulk Billed
Mental Health Social Worker
Bulk Billed
$85 ($105 weekends/afterhours)
Provisional Psychologist
Relationship Counselling
$155 ($175 weekends/afterhours)

Comprehensive Assessments

Assessment Type
Provisional Psychologist (Concession)
Cognitive Assessment
from $1365
from $935
Educational Assessment
from $2205
from $1375
ADHD Assessment
from $1260
from $880
Autism Assessment
from $1890
from $1210

Groups & Workshops

Fee Type
Full Fee
Group - Psychological Strategies
Bulk Billed - no fee
Community Based Programs
from $10 per session
Group - Community Initiatives
from $10 per session
Customised Group
from $37 per session

Other Services

Service Type
Billing Arrangement
Court Attendance
Starting from $200
Billed directly to you or relevant 3rd party
Court Reports
Starting from $200
Billed directly to you or relevant 3rd party
From $156-$214
Billed to you, NDIA or Plan Manager
As per TAC fee schedule
TAC billed directly
As per Workcover fee schedule
Workcover billed directly
Victims of Crime (VOCAT)
As per VOCAT fee schedule
VOCAT billed directly

Medicare Rebates

Depending on the type of referral you have, a Medicare rebate may be available on the following services:

  • Senior Psychologist

  • Psychologist

  • Mental Health Social Worker

The amount of rebate you receive will depend on a number of factors including:

  • Medicare service and item you are receiving 

  • Your family Medicare safety net

Rebates for a full therapy sessions usually start from $82 and can be as high as over $150. Because the rebate amount is dependent on not only your referral type but also your personal circumstances, we highly recommend contacting Medicare if you require an exact figure.  For all payments made in office, we are able to process your Medicare rebate for you at the time of payment.  You will be instantly* rebated using our Tyro machine and we will be able to tell you the exact amount on the day and give you a receipt with this information.

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