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Provisional Psychologist (intern)


Alana (she/her) is a provisional psychologist who is currently completing her internship with United Minds, after concluding her Master of Professional Psychology at ACU in 2023. 

Alana is committed to providing a safe and respectful space to collaborate  with clients in their own care and identifying their own goals and needs. Alana is dedicated to using evidence-based practices to support individuals from across the lifespan, including, CBT and ACT. Alana is interested in working with individuals who are experiencing a range of health concerns and life difficulties. 

Alana Guthrie / Provisional Psychologist

  • All Assessments (NO ADOS - MUST BE COLLAB)

    Clients 5+

  • No IVO perpetrators

    No Medico- lega

    NO Older males


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